Node.js for Mobile Apps

The power of Node.js inside your mobile apps

Node.js for Mobile Apps is a toolkit for integrating Node.js into mobile applications. Its core component is a library - available for Android and iOS - that lets you add a Node.js background worker to any mobile app. It also includes plugins for React Native and Cordova.

A full-fledged Node.js runtime for Android and iOS

Node.js for Mobile Apps is a Node.js runtime that runs on Android and iOS, using the V8 JavaScript engine. It is very similar to a Linux build of Node, but with a few platform-specific tweaks and fixes.

On both platforms, the result is a runtime that ensures the highest level of compatibility with Node.js.

On top of that, Node.js for Mobile Apps adds a few features specifically aimed at using Node.js in mobile applications.


Node.js for Mobile Apps is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Node.js Foundation.

Write less (platform-specific) code

Does your business logic really need to be written in a different language and using different APIs for each mobile platform? Node.js abstracts a great deal of functionality in a truly cross-platform way. And with its module ecosystem, you have an almost unlimited toolbox of reusable code at your disposal.

Build sophisticated mobile apps in JavaScript with the React Native and Cordova plugins

React Native and Cordova already allow developers to build mobile apps using JavaScript. With the Node.js for Mobile Apps React Native and Cordova plugins, those applications can enjoy a higher level of compatibility with the Node.js module ecosystem.

Furthermore, the Node.js runtime can be used to execute long running tasks or other business logic in the background, without slowing down the app UI.

Free and open source

The source code is available on GitHub.